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Tamer Kahveci
Professor. Associate Chair of Academic Affairs
Email: tamer @ cise
Area: Bioinformatics, computational biology, querying large databases.

Tamer Kahveci received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from University of California at Santa Barbara in 2004. He has been working as faculty member in the Computer and Information Science and Engineering at the University of Florida since Fall 2004. Dr. Kahveci received the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement award in 2006, CSB best paper award in 2008, the NSF Career award in 2009 and the ACM BCB best student paper award in 2010. His main research interests are bioinformatics, computational biology and databases. He has worked on indexing large databases, sequence alignment and computational analysis of biological pathways.
Aisharjya Sarkar
Email: aisharjya @ ufl
Area: Bioinformatics

Aisharjya Sarkar received her B.Tech and M.E. in Information Technology department from West Bengal University of Technology and Indian Institute of Engineering, Science and Technology, Shibpur respectively. She has been a PhD student at University of Florida since Fall 2015.
Rasha Elhesha
Email: relhesha @ cise
Area: Bioinformatics

Rasha received her B.Sc. in Computer and Systems Engineering in 2011 from Alexandria University, Egypt. She worked as a software developer in Egypt. She joined the University of Florida as a PhD student in August 2014.
Md Mahmudul Hasan
Email: mmhasan @ cise
Area: Biological Network Analysis

Md Mahmudul Hasan received his B.Sc.(Honors) and M.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been a PhD student at University of Florida since Fall 2011.
Sebo Kim
Email: sebkim @ cise
Area: Bioinformatics, machine learning

Sebo received his B.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2014 from SUNY Stony Brook. He has been a PhD student at University of Florida since Fall 2014.
Yuanfang Ren
Email: yuanfang @ cise
Area: Bioinformatics

Yuanfang received her B.E. in Software Engineering in 2010 from Nanjing University, China. And she received her M.E. in Computer Science in 2013 from Tongji University, China. She joined the University of Florida as a PhD student in August 2014.
Qiyao Wang
Email: qywang @ ufl
Area: Bioihnformatics

Qiyao Wang received her B.E. in Computer Science from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications in 2014. She has been a Master student in University of Florida since August 2014.
Ahmet Ay, Assistant Professor
Email: aay @ ufl
Area: Mathematical Biology

Ahmet Ay received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematics and Quantitative Biology from Michigan State University in 2009. He has been working as an Assistant Professor in the Departments of Biology and Mathematics at Colgate University since Fall 2010. His main research interests are mathematical biology, systems biology and bioinformatics. He has worked on mathematical and statistical modeling of biological regulatory networks, sensitivity analysis and parameter estimation techniques. He is a visiting faculty at the bioinformatics lab since Spring 2014.


Haitham Gabr Ph.D., 2015 (Google)
Andrei Todor Ph.D., 2014 (Post-doctoral researcher at Li Lab, Emory University)
Gunhan Gulsoy Ph.D., 2013 (Google)
Saad Sheikh Post-doctoral researcher, 2013 (Microsoft)
Yusuf Kavurucu Post-doctoral researcher, 2012 (Naval Academy, Turkey)
Nirmalya Bandyopadhyay Ph.D., 2011 (Post-doctoral researcher at Bader Lab, Johns Hopkins University)
Ferhat Ay Ph.D., 2011 (Post-doctoral researcher at Noble Lab, University of Washington)
Bin Song Ph.D., 2010 (Oracle)
Xuehui Li Ph.D., 2007
Jun Liu (Supervisor: Dr. Ranka) Ph.D., 2007 (Google)
Jayendra Venkateswaran Ph.D., 2007 (Epic Systems)
Xu Zhang Ph.D., 2007
Padmavati Sridhar M.S.,2005 (Morgen & Stanley)


Dihong GongFall 2013
David MarcusFall 2013
Zane HooperSpring 2013
Eyup Serdar AyazFall 2011-Summer 2012
Tolga CanSummer 2011
InChul ChoiSpring 2010 - Summer 2011
Guliz Seray TuncayFall 2010
Gokhan KayaFall 2010
Rodrigo SalazarFall 2010
Mauricio Bell'alberoFall 2010
Michael DangSpring 2010 - Fall 2010
Brandon JimenezSpring 2010
Gunagyao LiFall 2009
Tamer Kahveci
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